There are certainly two kinds of DJs. There are those, who play two hours of all these well-known sing-along-smash-hits, throwing their arms in the air, taking their money and leave. And there are those, whom it takes hours or even days to put their sets together, looking for the finest remixes and edits of their favourite tracks, playing both local heroes and international pioneers and eventually, arranging all this into a consistently musical context. Besides, the mix should fit the audience, the location and the fellow DJs, too. These seem to be qualities the first group will not care about at all. DAVI dB definitely belongs to the second one.

The Vienna based DJ also realizes that strict genre-pedantry has not equalled expertise for quite a while now. If anything, he effortlessly unites House-newcomers, Disco, Funk and Post-Dubstep during his sets. Big names are being mixed by Austrian artists, cheesy R’n’B-Songs are suddenly getting a minimalistic twist. Variation is essential – for him and for the audience.